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Dreamy, opera-esque vocals, ethereal synths and otherworldly lyrics layered over melancholic piano sounds - Delphine creates music that makes you dream. She transforms any stage into a captivating dreamscape and shares deep emotions with the audience when performing.

Inspired by artists like Kate Bush, Mazzy Star and Kimbra, her music finds its place in the genres of Alternative Rock and Dreampop/Artpop.

"The Bitterest Love" - Debut Single

The debut single, "The Bitterest Love" was released in 2017 during her time at University. It is not a song about a specific incident or person, it expresses pure feeling: The feeling of yearning, of melancholy, of the complicated relationship a person may have with drugs. 

"Never Let Me Go" - Live Performance

This video was taken at a performance at The Brunswick Pub in Brighton and Hove in April 2023. The song performed is called "Never Let Me Go" and is part of a collection of songs based on various pieces of literature.
The collection was released later that year and is displayed below.

"Lines Into Lyrics" - Collection of Songs

As a songwriter, I've always found inspiration in literature.


I've been fortunate enough to grow up in a household filled with novels, poetry, and stories, and that love of literature continues to fuel my artistic vision to this day. I've even dedicated an entire project to some of my favourite books, using the stories and characters as a canvas for my music and lyrics.

"True Romance" - Upcoming  Debut Album

My next project is currently in the production stage. Pieces of it can be heard at upcoming live shows and in online video snippets on my social media pages.

Footage from past Live Performances

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